About this Art... (I'm so glad you asked!)  

I hope that each time you visit my website, you will find a little bit of beauty to brighten your day. Because just like a breezy beach-day, a beautiful piece of art has the power to uplift, refresh and inspire.

The artwork and products on my website have been heavily influenced by rural life in Prince Edward Island, Canada. If you share memories by the sea, or have future plans to do so, I invite you to pour a cup of tea and find something that brings you joy!

(Please check back again soon, as I'm just beginning this product journey, and hope to bring you more and more uplifting art!)

 About The Artist

Hi, I’m Grace, the artist behind the paintings and products you will find on this website. My most recent art reflects rural life in PEI and the Canadian Maritimes. I live in Summerside, PEI with my husband and stepdaughters. My favourite subjects are lazy beach days, and rural farm life. I love the peaceful landscape of the Island and hope to share this special part of God’s creation in my work.

 I work in oil, water-colour, gouache and digital media. I’m grateful to have my work shown in several galleries throughout the Maritime Provinces and in private collections across the US and Canada.

Art Experience

I’ve been a working artist for over 10 years. I hold a Commercial Art Degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola FL. Since 2011, my primary focus has been fine art painting. However, my experience has included a wide variety of projects including book illustration, website design, logo, brochure, invitation, card and giftware design. In 2019 my statue design of Lucy Maud Montgomery was selected for the Montgomery Park in Cavendish PE.

Creative Process

Original Paintings:

 My original art focuses on rural life, seascapes and nostalgic themes. My plein air work is, of course, always painted from life outdoors. My studio work usually begins with photoshoots. After the photoshoot, I bring the images back to my studio and begin a painting subject hunt. I choose a photograph or combination of photographs that both excites my creativity, and that I think will resonate with my audience. 

 For most of my oil work, I stretch my own canvases. Once I decide on an appropriate size, the stretcher bars are stapled together and then I carefully stretch top quality primed linen over the bars. The result is a firm canvas which has a “spring” in it with each brush stroke, and a quality product for each collector. 

 I have recently enjoyed working on gessoed wood panels. The panels offer a firm support and can be hung with out without frames – giving a unique “painted around the edges” appearance.

 Each of my paintings are crafted with artist grade paint providing vibrant colour that I hope will endure for generations. For most of my watercolor work, I prepare fine art 100% cotton rag paper by soaking it and stretching it over a flat surface. The result is a ripple-free surface which is a joy to paint on and ready for a glass frame.

Illustration and Design:

My illustration work is usually digital with an often organic appearance that comes from my comfort with traditional media. My digital pieces are a combination of idea, imagination and visual reference. My work may have a digital look or a traditional oil or water-colour feel. I have found the convenience and ease of workflow with digital art is a time saver that is beneficial to everyone during illustration and design projects.

Collaborations & Licensing

 No matter the media, my artwork is varied, often sweet, and always up-lifting and positive. I looks forward to sharing my art on products through licensing or other collaborations. If you’d like to license my art or have a project that you think would be a good fit—  let’s talk! I’d love to help you reach your creative goals.

Selected Exhibits and Awards

2019 Honourable Mention– Points East Plein Air Festival Exhibition and Sale, Kings Playhouse, Georgetown PE

2019 Paint the Past Exhibition and Sale, Kings Landing, Prince William NB

2019 PEI Provincial Art Bank -“The Girl’s Day Off”– Oil painting in the collection of the PEI Art Provincial Art Bank

2018 L. M. Montgomery Statue Design, Cavendish, PE

2018 Points East Plein Air Festival Exhibition and Sale, Kings Playhouse, Georgetown PE

2017 Prince Edward Island Visual Arts Festival, Gardens of Hope, New Glasgow, PE

2017 150th Anniversary Celebration Art Exhibition, Lefurgey Culteral Centre, Summerside PE

2017 Arts in Motion, Summerside PE

2016 Charlottetown Streetscapes, Details Fine Art Gallery, Charlottetown PE

2015 Nostolgia, The Eptek Centre, Summerside PE

2019 Honourable Mention– Montague Plein Air Festival Exhibition and Sale, Montague PE

2013 Arts in Motion, Summerside PE

2013 Grace Curtis Fine Art Studio Gallery, Summerside PE

2011 Homecoming  Master of Fine Arts Exhibit, Bedeque, PE

2011 Master of Fine Arts Exhibit, Pensacola, FL


2011 Quayside Art Gallery 4th Annual First City Show, Pensacola, FL